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This Sales and Health Contract is between Gina Adams dba Koda Ranch, Checotah, OK  74426, (931) 265-2281, kodaranch@yahoo.com (Seller) and

Buyer’s Name:  __________________________________________________________________________________

Buyer’s Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

Buyer’s Phone: ______________________Email:_______________________________________________________

Litter Desired:  

Sire:    _____________________________________                  Dam:   ____________________________________

Sex:   ______________________  

Sales Price:  $ _______   (shipping is additional if needed)            Deposit:  ___________________________________


(Please initial each section below)

_____ Koda Ranch reserves the right to hold back any puppies prior to picks being made.  All puppies and adults are as accurately described as possible and are guaranteed to be healthy and "as we have represented" at the time of the sale. Our animals are priced according to pedigree, quality, breeding history and/or possible future potential. We make no guarantees implied or otherwise that any animal sold will gain any type of show title, but that they exhibit certain potential and a possibility of doing so based on our evaluation at the time of the sale. Any know faults will be discussed with the buyer before a puppy is purchased. If, for any reason, the owner cannot keep the puppy/dog, Koda Ranch has first rights on retaining full ownership in order to rehome said puppy/dog and must include all necessary paperwork (AKC registration and health paperwork). Our puppies are NOT sold for resale and cannot be transferred or sold to another party without our written consent.

______ DEPOSITS AND FINAL PAYMENT: An interview either in person or by telephone is required prior to any deposits being made.  Picks are done in the order that deposits and contracts have been received.  A non-refundable deposit of 50% of sales price will hold the puppy of your choice if said puppy is available.  Deposits are transferred to future litters if desired puppy/dog is not available.  All remaining balances must be paid by 6 weeks. Picking of puppies is done in the order in which deposits are received and is done at 6 weeks of age. We do not refund money for purchased puppies that are not picked up or taken by their new owners. Once a puppy or dog is purchased it is the new owner's responsibility to pick it up and to provide a clean and healthy environment and to give their new pet love and attention. We do not give refunds for buyer's remorse or cancellations. If a buyer cancels the sale the deposit will be moved to a future litter (to be used within a year after the cancellation date) and if said future litter is of greater value then buyer is responsible for paying the difference. It is a new owner's responsibility to make sure they are ready for a new pet and educated in making their decision to welcome a new family member into their home.   If shipping or other arrangements are not made by 8 wks of age or a puppy/dog is not picked up at its scheduled time to leave there is a boarding and maintenance fee of $10.00 per day.  In the event that pickup arrangements are not made by 9 weeks of age and we are not able to contact buyer, Koda Ranch reserves the right to relist the puppy for sale and said deposit will be moved to a future litter.  Koda Ranch reserves the right to rehome any puppies not picked up within 2 weeks of the arranged time between Seller and Buyer. 

_____ LIMITED AKC REGISTRATION:  Any puppies that are purchased with limited registration will not be bred under any circumstances and will be spayed/neutered at the recommended time by your veterinarian.  AKC papers will be mailed after proof of spay/neuter.  Koda Ranch reserves the right to repossess said dog if any breedings occur. 

_____  SHIPPING / TRANSPORTATION CHARGES:  Shipping is done by ground transport at the cost of the buyer. We have several companies we use and are more than happy to make the arrangements. Puppies are picked up here at the farm and delivered to your door.  Puppies are shipped at 8-10 weeks old as a courtesy to our clients unless other arrangements have been made. They will have had all veterinarian recommended vaccines. At the time of placement in its new home the puppy or adult will be weaned from its' dam and eating dry food.   We take every precaution to insure the safety of all of our animals, but because we have no control over the animal once it leaves our farm, Koda Ranch accepts no responsibility for death or illness of animals which may be brought on by/ or as a direct result of shipping or exposure to other animals and environments. (You are also able to pick your puppy up in person.)

 _____ HEALTH GUARANTEE:  All puppies are guaranteed against life threatening hereditary or genetic defects until 2 years of age.  All puppies must be seen by a veterinarian within 72 hours (or up to 1 week as agreed upon by buyer and seller) after purchase for a full health check including a fecal in order for this guarantee to be valid.  If said puppy is not seen by a veterinarian within this time the health guarantee is void.  If puppy/dog is found to have life threatening hereditary or genetic defects, then a full report of any and all defects or problems must be submitted to Koda Ranch in writing within 2 days and must include the microchip number of said puppy/dog.   A second opinion may be requested at the expense of the buyer by a Koda Ranch approved veterinarian before any decisions will be made.   If there is a proven defect, then puppy/dog and all AKC papers must be returned to Koda Ranch within 48 hours at the expense of the buyer or if agreed upon by both parties said puppy/dog may be spayed/neutered with proof being sent to Koda Ranch and buyer may keep puppy/dog prior to replacement puppy being given.  A replacement puppy of the same value will be given on a current or future litter for the same quality puppy however, shipping is at buyer’s expense.  If said puppy/dog dies due to the congenital defect, the buyer agrees to have a necropsy done at their expense to determine the cause of death and a replacement puppy of equal value will be given.  If buyer wishes to have a puppy of greater value then the balance must be paid prior to receiving puppy and shipping expense is the responsibility of the buyer.  This guarantee does not cover well puppy visits, regular vaccines, deworming, umbilical hernias or any other veterinary care or medication.  No refunds will be given.

_____ MICROCHIPPING:  Puppy/Dog must be microchipped during the initial exam within 72 hours of possession.  Microchip number must be given to Koda Ranch within 10 days for our records.  Any and all veterinarian reports much contain the microchip number of said puppy/dog in question.

 _____ LEGAL:  Any legal filings by the buyer must be filed in the Jurisdiction of the seller and the buyer will be responsible for all legal expenses incurred by Koda Ranch in any case filed by the buyer that is ruled in the favor of Koda Ranch.

_____ Buyer agrees to release and hold Koda Ranch harmless for any and all liabilities, damages, or injuries, caused either directly or indirectly by dog/puppy to any person, animal, whether actual or legal, or to any property whether real or personal.  Furthermore, Buyer assumes full liability for any damages or injuries, whether physical or mental, emotional or economical, caused by dog/puppy to any person, whether actual or legal, or to any property whether real or personal, after acknowledging delivery and possession of the dog/puppy.

If you have questions regarding any of these terms and/or conditions please contact us.

I, as the buyer, have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Buyer's Signature:  _________________________________ Date: _____________________

Seller's Signature:  _________________________________ Date: _____________________








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